Our mission at Colorado Mountain Honey is to keep the ancient art of beekeeping alive and thriving into the 21st century right here in our breath taking backyard known as Western Colorado.

After 20 plus years of raising honeybees in our valleys and back country, the honey bees at Colorado Mountain Honey have taught us how to take advantage of our amazingly diverse micro climates and our wildly short high country seasons. With this gained knowledge, we have learned how to respect the delicate process of capturing and bottling some of the worlds most unique honeys. All the while, we keep the bee’s health our top priority.  

When you purchase our honey, you are not only getting some of the most respected unique honeys in the world, you are helping ensure the health of 35 million honey bees annually in our valley’s and mountains. From the high country of Aspen to the alpine desert of Debeque, and many locations in between, taste the wonderful varieties of Western Colorado; taste Colorado Mountain Honey.